A Scent of Jasmine

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Nite Owl Books is also excited to announce that we will re-issue Sylvia's very first novel previously released by another book publisher in New York. A Scent of Jasmine will be available in retail book stores and as an eBook at online websites in April of 2012. Check back for updates on her new release!

A Scent of Jasmine

A bitter divorce leaves beautiful Andrea Dusseaux distraught, financially strapped and longing to break away from her monotonous life in New York City. When her old college friend, Mo Callaway, calls from Phoenix and asks if she could stand-in as hostess temporarily for a few weeks at her restaurant, Andrea jumps at the opportunity to try something new and different.

Andrea is thrilled to see her old friend again and is charmed by the restaurant's gracious setting in an old Victorian house. On day one, a mix up in reservations starts her off on the wrong foot with handsome attorney Madison McKee. But soon, her firm vow to steer clear of a new relationship quickly dissolves when she feels a strong attraction towards him. Madison falls for her instantly and makes no secret of his intentions to capture her love.

With each passing day, Andrea's feelings for Madison strengthen, but then major complications arise when she discovers that he represents a prominent developer determined to bulldoze her friend's property and erect an office complex. Betrayed, her dreams crushed again, Andrea's loyalties are torn. Should she side with her friend, should she stay and fight for Madison's love or return to her old life in New York?