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Watch the exciting movie trailer for "Deadly Sanctuary," adapted from the first book in the Kendall O'Dell series by the same title. Find out where the full-length movie is available for viewing!  
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Spirited, flame-haired reporter Kendall O’Dell’s plan to spend her vacation sightseeing with her family go up in smoke after the bodies of a young couple are discovered inside their camper on a closed Forest Service road high in the snow-covered Bradshaw Mountains of Arizona.  Evidence at the scene suggests an unfortunate accident, but then comes the shocking news that one of the victims is the cousin of her best friend, Ginger King.  

When Kendall is informed about a tragic event in the young woman’s background and discovers there have been two other questionable deaths in the same area, she becomes suspicious and decides to follow up herself.  Her investigation leads her to the hidden community of Raven Creek, populated by a host of shadowy characters, and she puts her life on the line to uncover the dangerous and startling secret.