Dark Moon Crossing


A whirlwind of hate and prejudice awaits spirited reporter Kendall O'Dell when she agrees to help a co-worker find her Mexican relatives, who vanished after she'd paid to have them smuggled into Arizona. Kendall travels to the secluded Guiding Light Mission in search of the only eyewitness-a terrified five-year old Mexican boy who claims to have seen frightening creatures and unexplained lights in the sky.

As she investigates further, she is drawn into the explosive tensions of angry ranchers and White supremacists pitted against human rights activists as the tide of illegals continues to wash across the border.

– What is the importance of the ghost town of Morita, and is the apparent suicide of a Border Patrol agent a factor?

– How is the Beaumont family involved and will their beautiful daughter shatter Kendall's relationship with rancher Bradley Talverson?

– Is there a link between recent cattle mutilations, UFO sightings and missing immigrants?

In her pursuit to find the shocking truth, she risks losing everything she holds dear, including her life.

"...reads like a breathless ride on a bucking bronco." – Elizabeth B. Lewis, Ph.D, Historian

"Sylvia Nobel's new mystery novel is a breathtaking raodtrip through Arizona's ranches, ghost towns and scenic landscapes. Dark Moon Crossing weaves a tangled web of intrigue - A page turner from beginning to end!"  – Sarah Herlache, Librarian, Glendale Public Library, Glendale, AZ


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