Seeds of Vengeance


When the grisly remains of a prominent judge are discovered at a secluded Arizona guest ranch, Castle Valley reporter Kendall O’Dell jumps on the story. But as the details of the crime begin to emerge, Kendall’s fiancé, Tally Talverson insists that, for her own safety, she withdraw from the investigation. She reluctantly agrees only to be drawn back in after Tally’s disapproving mother reveals a shocking secret.

Torn between her promise to Tally and his mother’s request that she help find the murderer, Kendall becomes enmeshed in a case that grows more complex and frightening with each passing day. Kendall’s life is further complicated by the unexpected arrival of her ex-fiancé, investigative reporter, Grant Jamerson, who gets involved in the story and makes it clear he wants to rekindle their relationship.  

As Kendall narrows the list of possible suspects, which include a belligerent ex-convict wrongly sentenced to Death Row, his vengeful sister, the sleazy handyman and the judge’s embittered widow, her life is jeopardized as she strives to unravel the macabre mystery.

“Sylvia Nobel’s enlightening novels reflect the exactitude of her research... rich character development and spirited dialogue...”
– Dr. Maureen Jones-Ryan, Book Editor for Today’s Arizona Woman & Author of  ‘She: Tales of Womyn’

“I’m truly amazed at Sylvia’s imagination!  She’s a genius as an author! Even the unreal seems real the way she writes it!”
– Greta Eveland, Phoenix, AZ

“Sylvia draws you into her novels and leaves you wanting more!”
– Katie M. Krick Prescott, AZ

“Brilliant!  Twists, turns and such wonderful detail. The ending is a ‘Take your breath away, I got you!’
–Karen Kallet, Phoenix, AZ

“Sylvia Nobel writes chick books for guys!”
– Mike Heitman, Surprise, AZ

“Loved it!  Ms. Nobel captures the unique strands of the web connecting victim, investigator and suspect and the complexity of emotions surrounding them.”
– Laura C. Fulginiti, PhD., D-ABFA, Forensic Anthropologist, Phx, AZ


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