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Deadly Sanctuary - The Movie

Deadly Sanctuary is a feature film produced by Starfire Productions LLC, based on the novel of the same name by author Sylvia Nobel, and co-writer of screenplay with Bower Yousse. It will be released in North America in the spring of 2015 with wide DVD sales and streaming.

Eric Roberts, Daniel Baldwin, Dean Cain, and Rebekah Kochan star in this murder mystery based on actual articles from the local newspaper.

Filmed in the Arizona desert north of Phoenix, the scenery is rich with the beautiful Bradshaw Mountains, at just the right elevation where the saguaro cactus reigns, with atmospheric conditions produce the most magnificent sunsets in the world.

Kendall O’Dell, recently transplanted from Philadelphia, is a feisty redheaded investigative reporter who tackles the disappearance of her predecessor as he investigated a string of teenage girls turning up dead in the desert. Any number of curious characters in the small desert town could be suspect. O’Dell’s nose for trouble put her in harms way as she roots out the story. Two handsome men vie for her attention; a ruggedly handsome cowboy and the sophisticated city attorney, both extremely wealthy and charming.

The beautifully mysterious Arizona desert plays a vital role both in the gorgeous sunsets and majestic mountains that give the town the name of Castle Valley, and in the flora and fauna and desert creatures that both fascinate and terrify our heroine.

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