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Meet the Crew



Beautiful Sylvia Nobel, author of Deadly Sanctuary, and four more mystery books in the Kendall O’Dell mystery series, was hands-on in the making of Deadly Sanctuary the movie. Sylvia and her husband Jerry Williams were producers under the name StarFire Productions, LLC. Who better to scout locations and cast the movie than the author. Sylvia was on hand to guide director Nancy Criss every step of the way. She was in the editing room and made the difficult decisions on what scenes to keep and what to cut to get it to the right length. She selected music, titles and more. This has truly been a labor of love bringing her vision to the big screen.



Director Nancy Criss has a long line of credits to her name and is known for her speed and efficiency in getting just the right takes as quickly as possible. Working hand-in-hand with Sylvia Nobel, Nancy could see the author’s vision and bring it to life. Nancy’s production company, Nandar Productions, based out of offices on the Raleigh Studios lot, have several current productions in the works, including additional movies and television series. When Nancy read Deadly Sanctuary, she immediately saw the story on the big screen. She too became a producer and brought together a team of producers, cast and crew she had worked with previously, and understood her pace and direction. The potential for the Kendall O’Dell mystery series is tremendous! With four more books in the series, the story could easily jump to a television series or mini-series as well as additional feature films.