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"Picked up Sylvia Nobel's Movie Deadly Sanctuary today . Has been a long process for her and her dream to make her book a movie . Many lunches and talks and stories and struggles of how this was to happen and it did , Congrats Sylvia , your dream came true . I read the first script , and I knew and knowing Sylvia , she was not going to give up! "
- Monica B.

"action kept moving along and had me wondering what was coming next. you sure had Bobbi Jeen playing a mean person. Good thing I know her and know she isn't like that. Enjoyed it very much."
- C. Cole

"John and I watched your movie Sylvia. Loved the scenery and the actors. Great job! We also loved seeing you and Jerry and Donna. So cool!!"
- Sandy

"I am not sure what else I can say about the movie. I was so impressed with the acting. Having read the book so very long ago, I was pleased that the story line stayed true. I enjoyed watching so much, I will do it again in another couple of days."
- Marlene Bernstein


"We got a group together and watched the video...
It was GREAT.    Everyone LIKED it.  
We enjoyed  the plot, the actors and the acting.  
We really enjoyed the red wig the lead actress wore!
We then loaned the DVD to another group and will watch it this weekend.  
Can’t wait till you do your next movie.  
 - Paul & Gloria


"For fans of the Kendall O'Dell series you'll be excited to see the movie 'Deadly Sanctuary' based on the first adventure in the Kendall O'Dell series by Sylvia Nobel.  Even if you have not read 'Deadly Sanctuary' it is still a great movie providing tons of mystery and excitement that takes place in a small Arizona town.  What I especially liked is that Sylvia Nobel made some appearances throughout the movie.  Check it out you won't be disappointed."
- Adrienne